About Project Nero

Hi there, welcome to the Nero Game Website

Project Lead

Hi, My name is Sanou Landry. I’ve studied Software Engineering, Computer Network and Telecommunication. I love Video Games. I don’t play lot of games these days, I am more interested on how they are built. My favorite games are from Super Nintendo : Super Medroid, Front Mission, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Killer Instinct, Top Gear.

Beside Software development, I like drawing, digital painting and photography. You can find my portfolio on Artstation.

Project Nero

The Nero Game Engine is an Advanced SFML and C++ 2D Game Engine built around Box2D. The design of the Engine is inspired from those of Unreal Engine and Unity3D.

SFML (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library) is a cross-platform library designed to ease the development of games and multimedia applications. Box2D is a 2D physics simulator engine. It can simulate the behavior of rigid bodies in a world affected by the gravity. By combining the power of these two libraries the Nero Game Engine offers an interface that will speed up your SFML game development workflow.

Build a Game Engine with a lot of features is really tough. The first step in building the Engine was to integrate Box2D with SFML. After considering a lot of way to achieve that, the idea to replicate the Box2D TestBed with SFML as the Rendering Engine came as the best solution. This is how the Nero Game Engine 0.1 was born. Since then the Engine did not stop growning.

Today the Project Nero has to main components

  • The Nero Game Engine : A 2D Game Editor
  • The Nero Game Website : A place where you can Learn Video Game Programming


If you like the Project, you are encouraged to join our Team. Whether your are a video game enthousiaste, a developer, a game artist, a web designer or a content writer you are welcome. If you have any suggestion or just want to say Hi!, feel free to send an email or leave a tweet.