Nero Game Engine

A Simple and Intuitive C++ 2D Game Engine

Learn Game Programming with the Nero Game Engine

The Nero Game Engine is an Advanced SFML Game Engine built around Box2D. Its design follows two rules, Simplicity and Intuitiveness.

Nero Game Engine 1.0.2

  • Game Editor
  • Scene API
  • Collisions Detection
  • Game Screens
  • Realtime Preview

Coming Soon : Nero Game Engine 2.0

What will you be learning ?

C++ Programming

C++ is an awesome language. It is the main language for big games. If you know nothing about it, that is fine, you will learn down the road.

Game Programming

From an idea to a release, there is a lot to do when developing a game. With the right approach, prototyping, programming, and testing your game will be easy.

Game Design

What makes a game fun ? What makes a game memorable ? There is no magic solution, but by following some simple principals, one can achieve his goal.

Project Management

Completing a project is always easier said than done. With the right methodology one will be able to start, monitor and complete any project without difficulties.